Your French lessons will take place where you are staying, in a quiet, warm, comfortable setting near Cluny in southern Burgundy.

Name: Au fil des mots
Location: Near Cluny – Burgundy region
Open: From July, 2014
Course types: General French, French for Specific Purposes, French for professional purposes
Organisation of classes: One-to-one classes
Price: from €2380 per week. Quote and terms and conditions available on request.


You will alternate between one-to-one classes and activities tailored to your career goals and your interests. The activities are part of the intensive learning programme. Your teacher will accompany you during the activities.

  • Your hosts:Your experienced teachers, Chantal and Cyriaque, will devise a specific immersion programme with you, including activities and opportunities to meet real French people.
  • Your accommodation:You will stay in a guest house 3 kilometres from Cluny, at the heart of the Burgundy countryside. In this converted farmhouse, your hosts will provide you with a simply and stylishly decorated, comfortable 38 m2 duplex room with 160 x 200 cm bed, bathroom and private toilet. On the lower level is a living room which will serve as your private classroom for the duration of your stay. Enjoy the patio with its floral garden and natural swimming pool in this beautifully preserved environment.


The activities are not part of the programme.

Enjoy the charms of Burgundy: its heritage and history, its nature and landscapes, its winemakers and traditions, its cuisine and its art of living.
From north to south, Burgundy is the perfect place to get away from it all:

  • A land of culture:
    Visit Cluny Abbey and discover the ruins of what was one of the most important spiritual centres of the Middle Ages before being partly converted into a national stud farm by Napoleon. Explore a number of medieval and Renaissance castles.
  • A land of vineyards:
    Burgundy produces some of France’s most prestigious wines. The Mâconnais vineyard, which teems with tradition and know-how, produces prestigious, fruity whites.
  • A land of nature:
    Discover the natural beauty of the area on bike or on foot.

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Burgundy is a region with an exceptionally rich heritage. It produces some of the finest wines in France. Renowned for its fine cuisine, Burgundy is equally rich in Romanesque architecture, as its many castles, abbeys and cathedrals attest. The 10th-century medieval city of Cluny was one of the hubs of Europe’s spiritual, religious and humanist renewal in the Middle Ages.
One hour from Cluny is Lyon, the capital of Gaul and France’s second-largest city.

Our review

Specialising in French for professional purposes, Chantal devises made-to-measure programmes to help you improve your French while meeting French people, in an professional or more informal setting. You will have plenty of opportunities to familiarise yourself with the French language, the region and its people. The exceptional setting is perfect for recharging your batteries. Finally, you should take the time to walk around Cluny and soak up its rich history! This place is magical.

Au fil des mots

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