Your French lessons will take place at your teacher’s home in Semur-en Auxois, a charming medieval village in Burgundy.

Name: La Petite Classe
Location: Semur-en-Auxois – Burgundy region
Open: All year round
Course types: General French, French for Specific Purposes
Organisation of courses: one-to-one tuition or small classes of 2-3 participants.
Price: per person – €1400 for 1 week (half-board accommodation, 22,5 h of courses + 10h of talking courses). €2600 for 2 weeks. €3500 for 3 weeks.


The setting is quiet, warm and comfortable. La Petite Classe welcomes individuals and groups of up to 3 participants.

  • Your hosts:
    Maryse has been teaching French to international learners for over 20 years, both in France and abroad. She is very experienced and will work with you to build a personalised immersion programme including outings and activities.
  • Your accommodation:
    You will stay at your teacher’s home, in a former convent built in 1610. These days, the convent is private property and surrounded by a magnificent garden. It has been renovated, but retains its authentic feel. Maryse will put you up in one of the three rooms she has set up for the comfort of her students. You can also enjoy the floral garden.



Maryse will be your guide as you discover the region’s charms and most beautiful attractions:

  • A land of history:
    – Semur-en-Auxois: a picturesque village that has kept many traces of its past: the Collégiale Notre-Dame (13th century); the Porte Sauvigny; the 13th-century castle; the towers; the bridges; the walk along the city walls, etc..
    – Alésia: the archaeological remains of the site of a decisive battle that took place in the year 52 BC between Julius Caesar’s Roman army and Vercingetorix’s Gauls. This battle marked the defeat of the Gauls and the start of Gallo-Roman civilisation.
  • A land of religion:
    Not to be missed: Fontenay Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Hospices de Beaune, built in the Burgundy style in the 15th century and now with official “Historic Monument” status.
  • A land of castles:
    Delve into the medieval history of Burgundy by visiting the châteaux of Montfort, Rochepot and Châteauneuf (13th-15th centuries).

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Burgundy is a region with an exceptionally rich heritage. Its terroir produces some of the finest wines in France. Renowned for its fine cuisine, Burgundy is equally rich in Romanesque and medieval architecture, as its many castles and abbeys attest.
One hour from Semur-en-Auxois is Dijon, formerly the capital city of the Dukes of Burgundy. Now officially recognised as a “city of art and history”, it is home to the emblematic Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy.

Our review on this school

You stay in a medieval village at the heart of a beautiful French region. The immersion programme is built in consultation with you so as to ensure it meets your goals and expectations. You practise French every day with an experienced teacher who will introduce you French culture and the art of French living. What’s more, you can enjoy listening to Maryse, a real globetrotter, telling you all about her travels!


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